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Editor's Note

We are now in the last month of the year, December, and needless to say, most of us are looking forward to the year end Christmas and New Year celebrations. To our readers, we take this opportunity to wish you

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

Our recently organized seminar on "Kool energy-efficient pre-painted steel for metal roofing" was a great success. A big thanks to Scott Kriner, our main speaker, and not to forget, all of Colourcoil's staff who helped with this event. We would also like to also thank PAM (Sabah Chapter) for their kind assistance.

Some of our readers have been asking how would they know whether the colours in our colour charts are solar-reflective. Please check out the relevant article in this newsletter.

Thank you.

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Cool Roofing Metals

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(1) Colourcoil Kool Colour Charts - What's new inside

(2) Green Building Index - Solar Reflective Index (SRI)
requirements for roof

(2) Cool Question - How does solar reflectance of metal roofing
                              compares to other roofing materials?

(3) Seminar on "Kool energy-efficient pre-painted steel for metal
roofing"by Scott Kriner

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Colourcoil KOOL Colour Charts - What's new inside
Find out what new information is inside our new colour palettes and how to tell whether the colours are solar-reflective.

Colourcoil's flagship high performance pre-painted steel products, PVF2 SeriesTM and METALLIC PVF2 SeriesTM, & Duotone SeriesTM for the downstream manufacturing of cool metal roofs, now come in a wide range of cool and exciting solar-reflective colours. Not only that, they come with warranties of 20 yrs against colour fading and 25yrs against corrosion.

The following picture shows what new information are available inside the new colour charts.


Click here to learn more about Colourcoil Kool energy-efficient pre-painted steel products and contact us for the coolest product under the sun.

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Green Building Index  - Solar Reflective Index (SRI) requirements for roof
(The Solar Reflective Index is a measure of the constructed surface’s ability to reflect solar heat, as shown by a small temperature rise. It is defined so that a standard black (reflectance 0.05, emittance 0.90) is 0 and a standard white (reflectance 0.80, emittance 0.90) is 100. SRI is calculated according to ASTM E 1980 using values for reflectance and emissivity).

Similar to LEED rating program, a metal roof manufactured using PVF2 Series or METALLIC PVF2 Series pre-painted steel can qualify for one point in SM12 Design under Sustainable Site Planning & Management category if it covers at least 75% of the roof surface area (excluding parapets, skylights and equipment) and meets the following criteria for Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) values:
Low slope (< 2:12) min SRI of 78
Steep slope ( > 2:12) min SRI of 29

The following is an extract from GBI Assessment Criteria for Non-Residential New Construction (NRNC).

For more info, please visit Green Building Index website.

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How does solar reflectance of metal roofing compares to other roofing material?

Solar reflectance (SR) is the ability of a material to reflect solar energy from its surface back into the atmosphere. The SR value is a number form 0 to 1.0. A value of 0 indicates that the material absorbs all solar energy and a value of 1.0 indicates total solar reflectance

The solar reflectance of metal roofing is a function of the surface of the product. Metal roofing can be offered with pre-painted surfaces, natural or mill finishes, and even granular-coated surfaces. A mill finish such as unpainted Aluminum-Zinc coated steel sheet has a solar reflectance of 0.68-0.78 depending on the surface treatment used. Other natural metals such as zinc, copper and aluminum have somewhat lower solar reflectance values. When a paint system is applied to metal roofing, the solar reflectance depends on the color and type of pigment in the paint film. Reflectance values can range from 0.10 up to greater than 0.75. Granular-coated metal roofing can have solar reflectance values of 0.05 to 0.30 depending on pigment and glazing used on granules.


Solar Reflectance

  Metal Unpainted   0.50 - 0.80
  Metal Painted   0.10 - 0.75*
  Comp Asphalt Shingles   0.05 - 0.28
  Black EPDM   0.05 - 0.10
  Single Ply Membrane   0.70 - 0.80
  Smooth Modified Bitumen   0.05 - 0.25
  White Granular Bitumen   0.20 - 0.30
  Concrete/Clay Tile   0.20 - 0.75*
*Depends on colour & pigment    Source: ORNL and LBNL database

In comparison to these values, asphalt shingle has a relatively low solar reflectance of 0.05-0.28 even with cool granules. Single-ply membranes in light colors have high initial solar reflectance values but some are prone to dirt pick-up which can reduce the aged reflectance values. Darker roofing products such as BUR have low solar reflectance values due to their color. The above
table, which is a compilation of data from ORNL and LBNL summarizes the differences.

Let us look at concrete/clay tile and painted metal roof. The upper limits for solar reflectance may look to be equal but there is a difference when we compare attic temperatures and energy usage.

Monitoring the attic temperatures over the course of time also shows how the roof products heat up and cool down during a day. This curve shows that the white painted metal roof reaches a slightly higher peak temperature compared to a white tile roof (due to the difference in the solar reflectance), however in the afternoon and early evening hours, the metal roof, with lower thermal mass, dissipates its heat better than the tile. What this means is that the homeowner will realize lower air conditioning usage in the late afternoon and early evening hours when compared to a tile roof system.

Results from experiments (i.e. experiments on various white coloured types of roofing material) showed that white painted cool metal roof can save 23% in cooling energy, which was the highest of the roof systems tested.

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SEMINAR on "Kool energy-efficient pre-painted steel for metal roofing"
Colourcoil Industries successfully organized its “KOOL Energy-Efficient Pre-Painted Steel For Metal Roofing” Seminar on 13th November 2010 at a leading hotel and resort in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The event was supported by the Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM) Sabah Chapter or the Sabah Branch Malaysian Institute of Architects, and was graced by the presence of its Chairman, Ar. Ho Jia Lit and also Ar. Von Kok Leong, President of the Malaysian Green Building Confederation (MGBC), Malaysia’s green building rating council of which Colourcoil Industries is an Industry Partner of.

Comparison of surface and attic temperatures between
solar reflective and ordinary colour coated panels
(i.e. both panels of the same colour)

Display showing some of the new colours in different profiles

More than 100 participants attended the event comprising mostly professional consultants such as architects, engineers and surveyors from both the private and public sectors.

At his opening speech, one of the directors for Colourcoil Industries, Mr. James Lok announced that the company had just been awarded with the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System and UKAS certification. He also proudly announced that Colourcoil Industries made headlines in 2000 when the company was first set-up, for that time being the 1st coil-coater in the Asia Pacific region to have incorporated Infra-red technology in its curing process, and is now also creating headlines by currently being the only coil-coating company in the Asia region to become an Energy Star Partner. He added that as the only coil-coater in Sabah, Colourcoil Industries strives to continuously develop new products, improve the overall quality and standard of pre-painted steel for applications especially in the roofing and wall cladding industry. Hence one of the reasons why Colourcoil took the initiative in organizing this debut seminar.

More than 100 participants registered for the seminar
Opening speech by our Director. James Lok

Special invited speaker, Mr. Scott Kriner who is President of Green Metal Consulting Inc., was flown in all the way from the United States of America to deliver a presentation on topics related to cool metal roofing. Among the major highlights of his presentation included energy concerns, world green building rating programs, the current local and global initiatives and emerging trends of metal roofing.

We are delighted on the overall positive feedback received from participants of the seminar who have stated among others that it helped them to further understand the concept and principles behind energy-efficient metal roofing, its benefits and applications as well as how it applies to the local market conditions.

Scott giving his presentation

Scott chatting with with some of the architects

Mr. Kriner’s presentation was then followed by a brief presentation by Mr. Peter Wong, Commercial Manager for Colourcoil Industries. Mr. Wong presented to the participants on the high performance pre-painted steel products manufactured by Colourcoil Industries which meet the Green Building Index (GBI) requirements and the Energy Star requirements. The products include colour coatings from the PVF2 Series, Metallic PVF2 Series and Duotone PVF2 Series. The GBI is overseen by the MGBC and is the nation’s green building rating tool.

MGBC President, Ar. Von Kok Leong took this opportunity to congratulate and present to Colourcoil Industries its membership certification, which was received by Mr. Roger Ling, one of its directors.

Peter presenting Colourcoil's latest energy-efficient, solar reflective pre-painted steel products for metal roofing

Our Director, Roger Ling  receiving membership certification from MGBC President, Ar. Von Kok Leong

Lucky draws were held prior to the serving of lunch at the hotel’s prominent restaurant. The 3 lucky draws were won by Anneline Eugenie Robinson Stabal (quantity surveyor from Pasukan Project Sabah / Sabah Project Team), Eddie Tann Chung Yong (architect from GC Architects) and Ar. Henry Chu Sui Tshee (principal architect from Arkitek OMA Sdn Bhd). Each winner happily brought back a BlackBerry 8520 mobile phone.

PAM (Sabah Chapter) Chairman, Ar. Ho Jia Lit with
Suzie and Zyee (chief organizing chairperson) conducting the lucky draw

Group photo with Scott Kriner, PAM (Sabah Chapter) Chairman, MGBC President, our board of Directors,
Peter (Commercial Manager) & Zyee (Senior Sales & Marketing)

Colourcoil Industries wishes to thank PAM Sabah Chapter for their continuous support in its activities and programmes, and the participants who took the time to attend this significant seminar. The management also wishes to thank all its staff and personnel who were involved in the organizing of this successful event.

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