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Volume 5, Issue 1   

Editor's Note

Now that Christmas and New year is over, we once again look forward to the Chinese New Year celebrations and holidays. To our Chinese readers, we wish you

"Happy Chinese New Year
Gong Xi Fa Cai"

Keeping the planet's energy stream clean, efficient and affordable while preserving our environment and quality of life is perhaps the greatest challenge of the 21st century. As energy costs spiral upward, so do the environmental consequences of pollution and ecological damage. Anyone who's turned on a television, opened a newspaper or logged onto the Internet in the past decade understands this dilemma is front and center in the public debate. What isn't understood as well is the profound impact the built environment has on the world's energy consumption.

To position the roofing industry to contend with this new attention and advance the goal of making the built environment more energy efficient and sustainable, Colourcoil Industries will be promoting the development and use of environmentally responsible, energy-efficient, high performance roof systems.

Hence, in the next few issues of Colourcoil e-newsletter, we will be featuring articles with regards to KOOL energy-efficient roofing metal.

One last note, we urge our Malaysian readers to give a thought to the Haiti earthquake victims and help by donating through Red Cross Malaysia.

Thank you.

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• Amazing pearlescent metallic colours that shift across the whole spectrum from one colour to another
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Energy Savings with "cool metal roofs" Hot Topic
More and more, homeowners are seeking out energy-saving building materials for their renovations and new homes, products that not only secure and improve structures but also provide long-term cost-cutting on energy bills while promoting environmental and economic sustainability in the greater community.

Among the array of possible upgrades, “cool metal roofing” easily answers this consumer demand offering a solid, attractive roofing solution available in multiple colors, textures, and profiles, for steep-slope and low-slope applications, that can save your household up to 40% of its annual energy costs, depending on your geographical region.

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Metal Roofing
As reported by the the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, installation of reflective metal roofing can save your home up to 40% in summer cooling energy costs while highly emissive metal roofs can reduce urban air temperatures by as much as 12 ° F. Combined, these benefits mean less money out of your wallet, less dependence on energy resources and less general air pollution in your neighborhood and across the nation.

The secret to metal roofing's energy savings is in its colour finishes. It is the special formulated coating on the pre-painted metal that makes the difference. As shown above, the traditional roofing material will absorb the solar radiation which heats up the attic. But, for homes in warmer climates, special pre-painted metals for roofing systems will not only reflect solar energy but also cool your home by re-emitting most of what solar radiation is absorbed. Where annual cooling loads dominate, a highly reflective and highly emissive pre-painted roof is optimal for reducing energy consumption and can actually re-emit up to 90% of absorbed solar radiation.

Additionally, most metal roofing is composed of recycled material and can help reduce landfill waste and promoting quick installation as well as decades of environmentally-sound, maintenance-free strength and beauty.


 Read the next article to find out how "cool metal roofs" can help to reduce urban heat islands (UHIs).

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URBAN HEAT ISLAND (UHI) & cool metal roofs Hot Topic
As urban areas develop, changes occur in their landscape. Buildings, roads, and other infrastructure replace open land and vegetation. Surfaces that were once permeable and moist become impermeable and dry. These changes cause urban regions to become warmer than their rural surroundings, forming an "island" of higher temperatures in the landscape.

Heat islands occur on the surface and in the atmosphere. On a hot, sunny summer day, the sun can heat dry, exposed urban surfaces, such as roofs and pavement, to temperatures 50–90°F (27–50°C) hotter than the air, while shaded or moist surfaces—often in more rural surroundings—remain close to air temperatures. Surface urban heat islands are typically present day and night, but tend to be strongest during the day when the sun is shining.

In contrast, atmospheric urban heat islands are often weak during the late morning and throughout the day and become more pronounced after sunset due to the slow release of heat from urban infrastructure. The annual mean air temperature of a city with 1 million people or more can be 1.8–5.4°F (1–3°C) warmer than its surroundings. On a clear, calm night, however, the temperature difference can be as much as 22°F (12°C).

It has been reported that Malaysia's Federal administrative capital of Putrajaya, with its many grand buildings languishing, is an "urban heat island" with temperatures 5°C hotter than any other Malaysian cities, rising to 40 °C.

Why Do We Care About Heat Islands?
Elevated temperature from urban heat islands, particularly during the summer, can affect a community's environment and quality of life. While some heat island impacts seem positive, such as lengthening the plant-growing season, most impacts are negative and include:

  • Increased energy consumption: Higher temperatures increase energy demand for cooling and add pressure to the electricity grid during peak periods of demand. One study estimates that the heat island effect is responsible for 5–10% of peak electricity demand for cooling buildings in cities.

  • Elevated emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases: Increasing energy demand generally results in greater emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. Higher air temperatures also promote the formation of ground-level ozone.

  • Compromised human health and comfort: Warmer days and nights, along with higher air pollution levels, can contribute to general discomfort, respiratory difficulties, heat cramps and exhaustion, non-fatal heat stroke, and heat-related mortality.

  • Impaired water quality: Hot pavement and rooftop surfaces transfer their excess heat to stormwater, which then drains into storm sewers and raises water temperatures as it is released into streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes. Rapid temperature changes can be stressful to aquatic ecosystems.

What Can Be Done?
Communities can take a number of steps to reduce the heat island effect, using four main strategies:

  • installing cool reflective roofs;

  • creating green roofs (also called "rooftop gardens" or "eco-roofs");

  • increasing tree and vegetative cover; and

  • using cool pavements

Typically heat island mitigation is part of a community's energy, air quality, water, or sustainability effort. Activities to reduce heat islands range from voluntary initiatives, such as cool pavement demonstration projects, to policy actions, such as requiring cool roofs via building codes. Most mitigation activities have multiple benefits, including cleaner air, improved human health and comfort, reduced energy costs, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Did you know......
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study found that world-wide reflective roofing will produce a global cooling effect equivalent to offsetting 24 gigatons of CO2 over the lifetime of the roofs. This equates to $600 billion in savings from CO2 emissions reduction. The study recommends cool roofs as a geo-engineering mechanism to counteract climate change.

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COLOURCOIL® high performance pre-painted steel products are certified and approved by IKRAM with the following certificate number: IKRAM/S014/D0401/N2409.

What is IKRAM?
Ikram QA Services Sdn Bhd (Ikram QA) main objective is to provide a mechanism for Malaysian manufacturers to have their products assessed, certified and listed in the 'Product Certification and Construction Material List', to meet a requirement for companies tendering for government projects to use local materials. This list is published in accordance with Treasury Circulars No. 4, 1996 and No. 6, 1997.

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Colourcoil’s Xmas and New Years Staff Celebration Dinner
Colourcoil Industries recently organized its annual Christmas and News Year Celebration cum Staff Appreciation Dinner at its headquarters in Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park.

About 50 people comprising staff and personnel from the various departments such as HR & Administration, Accounts, Sales & Marketing, Production, Quality Control etc attended the much anticipated event. It marked the coming to an end of yet another productive and interesting year for Colourcoil Industries, besides the opportunity for all staff to mingle and have fun together with the management team.

The evening began with Commercial Manager, Mr. Peter Wong giving his opening speech. On behalf of the management team, he expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to each and every one for their dedication and hard-work put forth to have made 2009 a productive and successful year despite any challenges faced due to the economic downturn. He hoped that all would continue the great effort and cooperation so that 2010 would continue to be a more prosperous and productive year for everyone. Production Manager, Mr. Alvin Liew too reiterated the same and hoped for higher efficiency and continuation of strict QC implementation to meet the growing demand for impeccable quality in Colourcoil products to fulfill and satisfy customer demands.

After a scrumptious dinner which included traditional mouth-watering roasted turkey, roasted lamb, mashed potatoes, spaghetti, delicious fish fillet in white sauce and creamy mushroom soup among others, a game session was held among the 3 groups that were formed.

In the spirit of Christmas, a whole bunch of wonderful presents that were kindly sponsored by the management were given away during the lucky draws, which provided equal opportunity for everyone to win a prize. Best group was won by Group 3 which was headed by Rosemary from the Accounts Dept, while the main lucky draw prize was won by Mohd Radzil from the Production Dept.

The fun ended with caroling and a group photo shoot.

Thank you once again to the staff and personnel who helped organized the meaningful event and we hope everyone had a joyous and meaningful Christmas and New Year celebration.

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COLOURCOIL KL Branch New office!
We would like to take this opportunity to inform our clients and readers that Colourcoil KL Marketing and Sales office staff has moved to the new office at Phileo Damansara 1, next to Eastin hotel.

Our new address:
1005, Block A, Pusat Dagangan Damansara 1
No. 9, Jalan 16/11, Off Jalan Damansara
46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
TEL 03 7956 1008  Fax 03 7956 1009

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Need more info?
Whether you are an architect, engineer, developer, house owner or a metal roofing or wall cladding manufacturer, our marketing team will be most delighted to discuss with you on your specific product requirements.

If you wish to make a factory visit, obtain a free brochure or complete specifications and colour charts, please contact our courteous and friendly marketing staff by calling the nearest office or just drop us an email at info@colourcoil.com.

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