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Volume 4, Issue 5   

Editor's Note

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Yipee! End of the year is here and the kids are on holidays. To our readers, we like to take this opportunity to wish you,

"Merry Christmas
Happy New Year"

All in all, I think it has been quite a good year even-though the world went through an "economic crisis". Things are now starting to look positive and we certainly look forward to next year.

In our previous newsletter, we featured an article titled "Dissimilar Materials". To this, a number of readers have suggested that we convert this article into a technical journal so that it can be downloaded from our website. We thank you for your suggestions and we will consider it.

In this issue, we will feature our latest technical journal, "Steel Cladding for Animal Confinement Buildings". We hope this journal will be useful to our readers, especially designers or owners of cattle or poultry businesses.

Last but not least, we would like to remind you, our KL office will be shifting to the new premises during the first week of December.

Thank you.

Team leader & Editor




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Amazing pearlescent metallic colours that shift across the whole spectrum from one colour to another
(Colour 1 to Colour 2)




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moving to new premises soon !
































COLOURCOIL high performance pre-painted steel products are certified and approved by IKRAM with the following certificate number: IKRAM/S014/D0401/N2409.

What is IKRAM?
Ikram QA Services Sdn Bhd (Ikram QA) main objective is to provide a mechanism for Malaysian manufacturers to have their products assessed, certified and listed in the 'Product Certification and Construction Material List', to meet a requirement for companies tendering for government projects to use local materials. This list is published in accordance with Treasury Circulars No. 4, 1996 and No. 6, 1997.

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TECHNICAL JOURNAL-Steel Cladding for Animal Confinement Buildings
Animal confinement buildings are highly corrosive environments. The waste products generated contain sulfides, ureas, amines and other corrosive agents. They are rich in bacteria that oxidize the waste materials to organic acids that readily attack aluminum, iron, and zinc. Dust typically carries bacteria to all interior areas of the building. The constant high humidity from the animals, the waste and the cleaning water adds to the corrosivity of the environment.

Direct contact of the building panels with animal wastes will quickly corrode and perforate the steel. The moisture will carry the corrosive ingredients through any paint film, corroding painted steel.

Click here and read our latest technical journal on how to deal with steel cladding for animal confinement buildings.

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COLOURCOIL KL Branch moving office soon!
We would like to take this opportunity to inform our clients and readers that Colourcoil KL Marketing and Sales office staff will be moving to the new office at Phileo Damansara 1, next to Eastin hotel, during the first week of December.

Our new address:
1005, Block A, Pusat Dagangan Damansara 1
No. 9, Jalan 16/11, Off Jalan Damansara
46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

(Existing telephone and fax number will still be in service for 2 months starting December)

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Technical Presentation at JKR Labuan
A technical presentation was recently conducted by Colourcoil Industries to the staff and personnel of JKR (Jabatan Kerja Raya) or the Public Works Department of Labuan on 9th October 2009 at the JKR Labuan office headquarters.

The presentation was attended by almost 25 staff and personnel comprising the department engineers, architects and technicians. As mentioned time and time again, Colourcoil Industries is dedicated to educating and improving the standards and professionalism of the metal roofing & wall cladding industry. Hence, emphasize of the presentation was on the importance of selecting high grade materials for roofing and cladding applications. Many were surprised to know that all the pre-painted steel for whole roofing of the nearby PETRONAS administration building at Labuan headquarters office was actually supplied by us! It was in ELITE SeriesTM with a specially formulated colour which was customized to suit the companys corporate colour, green.

We are happy to note that the Federal Government, through JKR, are already taking very strict measures to ensure that the quality of the materials they specify and propose in their buildings are SIRIM or IKRAM certified. Colourcoil Industries wish to remind our readers that apart from complying with international ASTM standards, locally our materials have also been SIRIM tested and IKRAM certified. All this accompanied with our mill warranty will definitely give you the assurance you need and peace of mind!

Colourcoil Industries specially thanks the organizers, Pn. Norhaizan Bt. Baharudin (Asst. Architecture Officer) and En. Mohd Yusoff B. Awang (Architect) for the invitation and opportunity to conduct the presentation. Not forgetting many thanks too to the other staff and personnel for attending and their kind attention.

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BEAUTIFUL METAL ROOFS - Bungalow, Petaling Jaya
This bungalow has a very modern look with very clean lines. The designer has opted to use metal standing seam roofing as the pitch roofs are rather flat. With the standing seam metal roof profile, the home owner can rest assure that his family will live in a home that will be virtually leak-free for many years to come. (Standing seam roofs use special hidden clip systems that can allow for thermal movement of the roofing sheet. There are no visible screws, no puncturing of the roofing sheet, and each roof panels are seamed to the next panel using a special seaming machine).

Roof Type: Standing Seam Profile
Roof fabricator : Roof & Facade Sdn. Bhd.
Roof Material : COLOURCOIL

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BEAUTIFUL METAL ROOFS - The Gardens Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur
Here is another famous commercial project that has used COLOURCOIL High performance Pre-painted Steel. The reason is obvious as tenants in the high-rise building are able to look down and see the cool-looking roof. Hence, the architect and the developer insisted on having a roof whose colour would last a very long time with very little maintenance costs. They certainly have made the right choice by selecting COLOURCOIL PVF2 SeriesTM pre-painted steel material for their metal roof.

Developer: Mid valley City Gardens Sdn. Bhd. (Subsidary of IGB Corp. Bhd.)
Roof Type: Standing Seam Profile
Roof fabricator : Roof & Facade Sdn. Bhd.
Roof Material : COLOURCOIL
 PVF2 SeriesTM

Click here to learn more about standing seam roofs.

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COLOURCOIL pre-painted steel material for metal roofing
COLOURCOIL high performance pre-painted steel are manufactured using the high quality raw materials and come in the form of coils or flat sheets. These coils or sheets are easily purchased by downstream metal roofing manufacturers who in-turn will cut and form roofing panels ready for installation. Specify our following pre-painted steel material for your next metal roofing project and ensure that you get a beautiful metal roof that will look great for a long time.

Performance pre-painted steel
grades for metal roofing

Warranty* against colour fading, chalking and delamination Warranty* against corrosion Click on Pics to view colour palette
COLOURCOIL  ELITE SeriesTM 10 yrs 25 yrs
click here
COLOURCOIL  PVF2 SeriesTM 20 yrs 25 yrs
click here
COLOURCOIL  METALLIC PVF2 SeriesTM 20 yrs 25 yrs
click here
COLOURCOIL  DUOTONE PVF2 SeriesTM 20 yrs 25 yrs Click here

One other thing. We are also able to custom match or customize any colours to suit your design. COLOURCOIL.....Unlimited Colour Choices!

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Need more info?
Whether you are an architect, engineer, developer, house owner or a metal roofing or wall cladding manufacturer, our marketing team will be most delighted to discuss with you on your specific product requirements.

If you wish to make a factory visit, obtain a free brochure or complete specifications and colour charts, please contact our courteous and friendly marketing staff by calling the nearest office or just drop us an email at

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