Aug 2008


Volume 3, Issue 4 




Editor's Note

Like our title block? It is August and like all Malaysians, we look forward to the month-end holiday where we will be celebrating Merdeka day; our independence day.

"Happy Birthday Malaysia"

As I searched back to take a peek at our 2007 August newsletter, I realized time has flown by quickly.  I am still here and have recently been requested to continue with my editor post for another year. I would like to say "many thanks" to our newsletter team who have been and are still very supportive with full of ideas. Looking further back at the Aug 2006 issue where we participated in DEX06/ARKITEX06, I realized  Colourcoil Industries have certainly come a long way since then.

Colourcoil Board of  Directors have personally requested for us to in this newsletter, thank all visitors who dropped by our booth as well as our dedicated marketing and supporting staff  for making ARCHIDEX08 a successful event.

In this issue, we take pride to introduce to our readers, Colourcoil's latest high performance pre-painted steel product,  PRISMA SeriesTM.

Thank you.

Team leader & Editor



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  • Up to 20 yrs warranty against
    colour fading, chalking & delamination
  • 25 yrs warranty against corrosion
  • Completely lead-free



Main Office & Factory

Mr. Peter Wong
Commercial Manager
Hf: +60 (0)198813211

Km 25, Off Jalan Tuaran, Telipok
P.O. Box 21918, 88777 Luyang
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel:  +60 88 496222
Fax: +60 88 499918

Marketing & Sales Branch Office

Miss Kan Wai Hing,
Marketing & Sales Executive
Hf: +60 (0)133882468

Miss Mashita bt. Ismail
Marketing & Sales Executive

Hf: +60 (0)133504388

19A-20-3, 20th floor, Business Suite
UOA Center, No. 19 Jalan Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel:  +60 3 2166 9657
Fax: +60 3 2166 9659

Colourcoil's Kuala Lumpur marketing and sales office telephone & fax numbers have recently been changed to the above numbers.














General email:


COLOURCOIL DUOTONE PVF2 SeriesTM .......New Product

Beautiful Metal Roofs - Best Western Courtyard Hotel
Technical Presentation for UTM, Skudai, Johor

Announcement..........New staff

New Product
More Info

Colourcoil Industries recently participated in the Archidex08 exhibition at the KLCC Convention center, from 3 - 6 July. The exhibition provided an opportunity for us to introduce our latest pre-painted steel product COLOURCOIL DUOTONE PVF2 SeriesTM. Suffice to say that the response was fantastic with an overwhelming number of inquiries. Since then, we have also received quite a number of visitors to our factory.

The show was a great opportunity for us to get together with our existing clients and friends as well as our newsletter readers. Hence, we want to thank all visitors for visiting our booth and we hope to see you again in the near future. If we were unable to serve you better, we apologize for any short comings.

Last but not least, we would like to thank our marketing and supporting staff who assisted in the organizing and coordination of this event. Job well-done!

Check out some of our photos taken from the show:

Colourcoil marketing staff, Wai Hing & Mashita in front of DUOTONE PVF2 SeriesTM backdrop

Backdrop colour changes when viewed from different angle (i.e. compare picutre on the left & above)

Vertical Display of other COLOURCOIL high performance pre-painted steel products

Our KL marketing staff with Peter (Colourcoil commercial manager), Ar. Lee Chor Wah (PAM President) & friends

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COLOURCOIL DUOTONE PVF2 SeriesTM .......New Product
Over the last two years, Colourcoil Industries R&D team have been busy with the development of  this new product. During this period, a large number of trials and testing have been conducted both indoors and outdoors to ensure optimal product performance and quality consistency. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our material suppliers for their support and patience.

DUOTONE PVF2 SeriesTM represents the latest in paint technology where pearlescent metallic colours shift across the whole spectrum from one colour to another (i.e. colour 1 to colour 2). Depending upon pigment type and viewing angle, different wavelengths of light are reflected back, resulting in an ever-changing colour gradient with amazing highlights.

This high performance pre-painted steel finish consist of full strength 70% Kynar 500 fluoropolymer resin, resulting in a surface finish that is uncompromised. DUOTONE PVF2 SeriesTM comes with a 20 year warranty against colour fading, chalking and delamination as well as a 25 year warranty against corrosion. Building applications include metal roofing, wall cladding and facades.

Visitors to our booth also suggested this hi-tech looking material be used for furniture and shop-front cladding.

In order to show the effects, here are some photos taken from different angles at approximately 11.45 am on a sunny day. Two types of materials, METALLIC PVF2 SeriesTM (left sample) and DUOTONE PVF2 SeriesTM (right sample), are placed side by side so that you can see the difference between them.

See the difference!            


The left sample is the colour "copper" in METALLIC PVF2 SeriesTM.

At this angle, the right sample of DUOTONE PVF2 SeriesTM has a hint of pink to purple metallic finish.


At a lower angle when viewed, the DUOTONE PVF2 SeriesTM has shifted colour to a brass-bronze colour.

The "copper" did not change much in terms of colour even though it still has the metallic shine to it.


This photo is taken at an angel from the left side. The colour of the "copper" sample (i.e. METALLIC PVF2 SeriesTM) still looks almost similar to the photo above.

However, the colour of the DUOTONE PVF2 Series sample on the right has changed it's colour to a darker shade.

We think it is fantastic. Take note this is only one of the DUOTONE PVF2 SeriesTM colour samples. We have others and if you think you have an application for this amazing colour coated steel material, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To find out how COLOLURCOIL METALLIC SeriesTM with "copper" colour performs outdoors in real application, read the article below.

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Beautiful Metal Roofs - Best Western Courtyard Hotel
The roof shown in the photo below, belongs to Best Western Courtyard Hotel which is located at the iconic 1 Borneo (1B) lifestyle hypermall in Sabah, East Malaysia. This new hotel will feature a contemporary design outfitted for business and leisure travelers. There will also be a rooftop lounge, cigar bar, coffeehouse, health and foot reflexology center, a business center and meeting rooms.

Does the roof looks like it is made from copper metal to you? Well, it isn't. The colour coated material is none other than COLOURCOIL METALLIC PVF2  SeriesTM. This high performance pre-painted steel comes in a  pearlescent/metallic colour call "copper" (for obvious reasons) and we provide a warranty of 20 years against colour fading, chalking & delamination with a 25 year warranty against corrosion.

"The copper metallic finish changes shades throughout the day", said the proud owner as he and the architect in-charge gazed at the roof during one of the site meetings. In reply, we told the owner that his hotel guests will never get lost as the roof and its colour is so prominent even from quite a far distance away.

We have recently been told of a bungalow that has specified our "Copper" pre-painted steel material for its roofing. Interestingly, the metal roof fabricated with a tile-type profile. We are now trying to locate the house and if the owner gives us permission, we will try to feature it in our next newsletter. 




Architect: YTS Architecture Sdn. Bhd.

Roof Profile:
CitySeal Standing Seam
Roof Fabricator & Installer: CityTop Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.
Roof Material: COLOURCOIL
                       [20/25 year warranty]

High Performance Pre-painted Steel by Colourcoil Industries Sdn. Bhd.

Click to view colour chart

Click here to find out more about our other pre-painted steel products.

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Technical Presentation for UTM, Skudai,Johore
In the month of June, Colourcoil conducted a presentation for UTM (University Technology Malaysia) staff from the Asset Division office. The presentation was conducted at our KL marketing office. A total of 17 UTM staff comprising of technical officers and draftpersons attended the presentation. All in all it was a good presentation as there were quite a number of questions and discussions in relation to metal roofing, warranty and technical specifications.

Special thanks to Puan Rafidah Ismail & the others for organizing and taking their time to visit our marketing offiice in KL.

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