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BEAUTIFUL BUNGALOW.....with metal roofs & wall cladding

Colourcoil Industries is proud to present this beautiful looking house that has been designed by a local architect employing Colourcoil high performance pre-painted steel, not only for the roof structure, but also for the exterior wall panels as well.

This modern looking house with vernacular features is located on a hillside in a lush rainforest setting with an absolutely amazing view overlooking Likas Bay with Mount Kinabalu in sight.

Wall panels in metallic finishes are all manufactured locally using COLOURCOIL METALLIC PVF2 SeriesTM (i.e. copper & silver pre-painted steel finish). The solid colored standing seam roof is in COLOURCOIL PVF2 SeriesTM.

The owner also pointed out that the gutter / facia (see bottom of photos) that flushes with the ceiling slope was specially designed and fabricated by City Top Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. The colour used is Rhodium and is part of Colourcoil METALLIC PVF2 SeriesTM standard colour range.

"The materials used for this house are all available locally" said the proud house owner. "Not only that, the main roofs and the direction of their slopes have been designed to cater for future solar panels".

With the soaring prices of fossil fuels, environmental conscious folks will certainly be looking into alternative sources to help energy conservation.

"Did you know that from far, the wall panels sometimes look like timber siding at certain times of the day, but when you look at it again, only do you then realize it is metal", asked the architect.

That's the beauty about COLOURCOIL METALLIC PVF2 SeriesTM pre-painted steel finish.

You can check out the METALLIC PVF2 SeriesTM colours in this article by viewing our colour palette in the February 2008 e-newsletter.


Bungalow designed by Ar. A. Karim Hussein
Wall Panels & Roof fabricated & installed by City Top Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.
High Performance Pre-painted Steel by Colourcoil Industries Sdn. Bhd.

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