December 2007


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Here we are, coming to the end of the year. The month of December represents another month of celebrations, so on behalf of Colourcoil Industries, we would like to wish our readers

"Merry Christmas
Happy New Year"

As I have mentioned in our previous newsletter, some of our readers have emailed and requested for us to write articles about metal roofs. For the month of December, we are featuring an article about "architectural standing seam roofs basics". Through this article, we hope our readers will gain better knowledge and understanding as to how our high performance pre-painted steel products can benefit you when specified for high quality metal roofing. 

Thank you.

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a) Measuring colour change
    (i.e. colour fading)

b) Paint quality affects the colour
     performance of metal roofs

c) Various coating systems offered
     in the market that can affect the
    performance of your metal roof

d) Why should you specify the
     material grade for your metal roof

e) Find out which pre-painted steel
    substrates are suitable for end 
    products that will be exposed
    outdoors and why EG  substrates
    may not be suitable for roller

f) Retrofitting (concrete) flat roofs
    to solve leakage problems


"Colours that last"

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Did you know.........?
oven1.jpgColourcoil Industries is the FIRST in the Asia-Pacific region to use the latest State-of-the-art Infra-red (IR) technology to cure our high performance pre-painted steel paint coatings (instead of the conventional gas-fired ovens where hot air is mechanically blown over the metal strip to cure the paint coating).

IR curing is superior to conventional gas curing for the following reasons:

  • Gas ovens dry and cure paints at low temperatures to avoid overheating the outer layers, which can leave the layers underneath wet, creating blisters, and producing a weak, unattractive finish. IR curing uses infrared radiation to heat paints and coatings from the inside out, which produces superior looking and more durable finishes.

  • The infrared heating process is the purest and most direct application of heat. Our IR systems do not require high airflows common in convection ovens. Infrared curing avoids circulating dust particles that can ruin your product's finish - unlike conventional convection methods that are unreliable to control finishing results.

  • Wet paint does not migrate as there are no high airflows. Hence paint film thicknesses are always consistent across metal strip.

The next time you specify COLOURCOIL high performance pre-painted steel for your metal roofing project, you can rest assured that you will be getting a lead-free end product with finishes that are brilliant, smooth and blemish-free, exhibiting excellent colour retention and film durability properties.............colours that last.

Learn more about COLOURCOIL  high performance pre-painted steel warranty.


Architectural Standing-Seam Metal Roofs Basics
A standing seam metal roof can be fabricated on the jobsite in a few days--and last for the life of the home.

Metal roofing's attributes are impressive. Durable and long lasting, a metal roof requires little maintenance, can be retrofitted over many existing roofing materials, is available in a wide range of colors and styles, and is fire resistant. Standing seam metal roofs have shed their industrial roots to become an architectural statement.

A standing seam roof is constructed of many interlocking panels that run vertically from the roof's ridge (the top of the roof) to the eave. The interlocking seam where two panels join together is raised above the roof's flat surface, allowing water to run off without seeping between panels.

Standing seam roofs come in many shapes and sizes. In some instances, the vertical panels are cut to length at a factory and delivered to the job site. Other types are shaped and cut right on the job site using portable equipment. Other options include standing seam "shingles" that arrive prepackaged (typically in three- to five-foot lengths) and are installed in a staggered pattern for visual effect.

Two types of methods are commonly used to secure the panels to the roof sheathing. Hidden fasteners are secured to the raised portion of each panel, and subsequently covered by the next adjoining panel during installation.

Seam Types
There are many categories of metal panels. The term standing seam often is used as a generic description for a class of metal roof seams. The name standing seam is derived from the fact that the seams are joined together above the panel flats. The term also is used to refer to a panel profile that includes a standing seam, the vertical leg/flat pan.

Fig 1.0 Typical examples of architectural standing seams

Standing seam metal roof installation basics:
The roofing manufacturer/contractor will first equip himself a with a spool of thin-gauge sheet metal (i.e. pre-painted steel material) that would be formed and cut to length using a self-contained, portable metalworking tool called a brake.

This spool of sheet metal maybe purchased from coil coating specialist such as Colourcoil Industries.

Each section of the metal roof is individually formed to the desired length. This reduces jobsite waste, as short and long panels can be cut to the appropriate length. The shaping machine, called a brake, is specifically designed to form the interlocking panels.

Although some hand trimming is involved, the panels are formed and cut to length and ready to install in just a few minutes.

Individual roof elements are installed in a specific sequence to create a watertight seal. First, roofing paper or felt paper is installed over the roof sheathing. Next, the roof's valleys (formed where two roof sections meet at an angle) are covered. A preformed ridge cap covers the roof's peak. Each of the vertical roof sections will be attached to the ridge vent for a uniform appearance.


Each roof panel that runs from ridge to eave tucks neatly into the ridge vent. Clips secure each panel to the roof sheathing. Using hidden fasteners creates a more polished look once the job is completed. The next adjoining panel will cover the clips that secure each panel (left). The raised seams formed by the panel ends are crimped together to form a watertight seal.


Each adjacent roof panel is crimped together. Each panel hides the clips that secure the adjacent panel to the roof sheathing. By completely covering the fasteners, they are not exposed to the elements--reducing the possibility of water damaging the roof sheathing or the structural system below.



The final results: Ridge cap, valleys and vertical sections all come together to form a watertight seal against the elements. A properly installed metal roof can go many years with little or no maintenance. Often, a fresh coat of paint is all that is required to return a twenty-year-old roof to like-new status.


The above article only provides some basic information on architectural standing seam and we recommend that you obtain qualified expert advice confirming to the suitability of this type of metal roofing before any application. Examples of standing seam metal roofs can be seen on our website flash intro.

Reminder: When selecting metal roofing or wall cladding for your home or prestigious project, two important items to look at are (1) the grade of pre-painted steel material and (2) the metal roof or wall cladding profile.


Did you get what you specified?
high performance pre-painted steel for metal roofing are brand-marked on the back of the colour coated sheet for your peace of mind. This is to protect you as an end-user so that you will not be shortchanged into getting something that you did not specify.

Hence, if you have specified our high performance pre-painted steel for your metal roofing or wall cladding project, always check on the back of the roofing sheet to make sure that you get what you or your client paid for.

Remember: As an alternative, you may call and check back with us for proof of purchase by the metal roofing manufacturer. Just simply ask him for the coil reference numbers. FYI, every pre-painted steel coil leaving our factory is tested with a unique number assigned to the coil. A sample of each pre-painted coil is also retained by our factory laboratory for future testing.


Technical Presentation at JKR Terengganu
Colourcoil Industries was recently invited on the 19th November by JKR (Jabatan Kerja Raya, i.e. Public Works) Terengganu to give a technical presentation on our high performance pre-painted steel for metal roofing and wall cladding. The seminar was attended by some 70 people comprising of technical staff from JKR Terengganu including district engineers as well as architects from the private sector . Representing Colourcoil Industries were Francis Chiu - our Director, Peter Wong - speaker, commercial manager as well as our Colourcoil marketing staff, Mashita and Wai Hing. For most of the participants, the seminar proved to be interesting as it is the first time they attended a technical presentation given by coil coating company.

Special thanks to the Pengarah, Tuan Haji Rosly Bin Zainal, Tn. Hj. Mohd Annuar bin Dato' Hj. Ngah, Ar. Yezreen bt. Mohamed Yusof, En. Abd. Ghafor bin Maidin, Tn. Hj. Che Husin bin Che Muda and Pn. Siti Norlaili binti Mohd Maasom for arranging and giving us the opportunity to present our products.


Participants registering for seminar

Peter presenting Colourcoil products

KPP Ar. Hj. Mohd. Annuar bin Dato' Ngah
 with Francis & Peter


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