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In this issue, we will touch on various types of zinc-based coated steel substrates that are available in the market and can be possibly used for the manufacturing of pre-painted steel.  Not all of them will be suitable for the downstream  manufacturing of colour metal roofing or wall cladding. So if you are a designer or consumer, beware! 

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a) Protecting the client - how do you
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pre-painted steel


  • Up to 20 yrs warranty against
    colour fading, chalking & delamination
  • 25 yrs warranty against corrosion



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Want a metal roof with colours that last ?
Colourcoil Industries is proud to bring to you
COLOURCOIL high performance pre-painted steel that comes in various grades with a wide range of new and exciting colours ranging from solid to metallic.

COLOURCOIL high performance pre-painted steel are completely lead-free and when cured with the latest state-of-the-art Infrared (IR) technology, their finishes are brilliant, smooth and blemish-free, exhibiting excellent colour retention and film durability properties.

High Performance pre-painted steel
grades for metal roofing

Warranty* against colour fading, chalking and delamination Warranty* against corrosion
COLOURCOIL  ELITE SeriesTM 10 yrs 25 yrs
COLOURCOIL  PVF2 SeriesTM 20 yrs 25 yrs
COLOURCOIL  METALLIC PVF2 SeriesTM 20 yrs 25 yrs

Minimize future maintenance costs by "getting it right the first time". Specify Colourcoil high performance pre-painted steel for your next metal roofing project.

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Did you know.........?
Pre-painted steel can be manufactured from using various zinc-based metal coatings on steel substrates. Zinc metal has a number of characteristics that make it well-suited for use as a coating for protecting iron and steel products from corrosion. Its excellent corrosion resistance in most environments accounts for its successful use as a protective coating on a variety of products and in many exposure conditions.

The following table are various zinc-based coated steel substrate available in the market:

Substrate Name Description
A zinc coating, usually hot-dipped, in which the zinc and steel form a metallurgical bond. The thickness of a hot-dipped coating can be varied from a thin zinc/iron alloy layer to heavy applications suitable for extended outdoor exposure. In-line galvanized coatings are applied during the manufacturing process of the hollow or open section, with the cleaned steel section exiting the mill and passing into the galvanizing bath. This coating is usually measured as thickness or as coating mass in grams per square meter and ranges from a minimum of about 100 g/m2 upwards, with an average around 175 g/m2.
Also a zinc coating, but applied in a cold, electrolytic bath rather than a molten zinc bath. Traditionally the coatings are thinner than hot-dipped and not suitable for extended outdoor exposure. This process applies a layer of pure zinc that ranges from a few microns on cheap hardware components to 15 microns or more on good quality fasteners. Technical and cost issues prevent the economical plating of components with heavier coatings.
Galvanneal Galvanneal is a hot-dip coated sheet product in which the zinc coating has been changed into a zinc-iron alloy coating for improved paintability. This is done in the hot-dip process by taking the zinc-coated sheet as it leaves the bath of molten zinc and immediately subjecting it to a heat treatment that causes the zinc to alloy with the iron and become a zinc-iron alloy coating. Galvanneal has a dull matte appearance compared with the shiny bright surface of hot-dip galvanized. This matte surface is excellent for painting. The iron-zinc alloy coating is harder and more brittle than the soft zinc coating of hot-dip galvanized. This harder coating is more resistant to scratches during handling, but also may show a greater tendency toward 'powdering' of the coating during difficult forming operations.

5% Aluminum-Zinc coated steel

A proprietary zinc alloy coating (5% aluminum) with improved corrosion resistance and formability compared to zinc alone. Galfan has been around since the International Lead Zinc Research Organization (ILZRO) obtained worldwide patents on this new alloy for anti-corrosion coating in 1981. It was discovered that by combining 95% zinc with nearly 5% aluminum plus specific quantities of rare earth mischmetal could be reliably used in the hot-dip coating process, and conferred substantially improved performance to the end-product.

55% Aluminum-Zinc coated steel

A proprietary zinc alloy coating containing 55% aluminum with superior corrosion resistance. The coating makeup is a duplex microstructure that results from the aluminum-rich phase solidifying first, as the coating cools, forming a network of dendrites. Interdendritic spaces are-filled by the zinc-rich phase. The intermetallic layer is an Al-Fe-Zn-Si alloy that metallurgically bonds the coating to the steel substrate and further aids in corrosion resistance.

All of the above substrates can be pre-coated with paints, but some of them will not give you the performance you may be looking for, when used for the downstream manufacturing of colour metal roofing, wall cladding, roller shutters or any roll-formed products that maybe exposed outdoors. They are:

  • Electrogalvanized - Commonly known as EG, the layer of zinc coating applied to the steel is very thin. Hence it is typically used only when the application requires a very smooth surface or when the application requires only a very small amount of corrosion protection (10 to 30 g/m2 both sides totaled) . Hence, this type of pre-painted steel substrate is not suitable for metal roofing which is constantly exposed outdoors.

  • Galvanneal - This product is more suitable for post painting as the surface texture is of a matt finish. It is not suitable for the manufacturing of pre-painted steel as the iron-zinc alloy coating is hard and brittle and may "powder" during difficult forming operations.

Pre-painted Electrogalvanized(EG) or Galvanneal steel are not suitable for the downstream manufacturing of metal roofing, wall cladding or roller shutter doors, or any metal building products which are roll-formed and exposed outdoors.

If you are a designer or consumer, make sure you are not shortchanged by checking with your metal roofing or roller shutter door manufacturer that the pre-painted steel substrate used is not "electrogalvanized (EG) or galvanneal".

Just to let you know, COLOURCOIL high performance pre-painted steel are manufactured with genuine 55% Aluminum-Zinc coated steel.   


Presentation at PAM Southern Chapter, JB
Colourcoil Industries was invited by PAM Southern Chapter to give a presentation in Johor Bahru on the 9th June. Representing Colourcoil Industries at the seminar, was Mr. Peter Wong, our Commercial Manager. The seminar proved to be interesting to the 31 architects. Lunch was sponsored by Colourcoil Industries followed with lucky draws where 3 winners were given free trips to Sabah. Congratulations to

Ms. Gurupiah Rubi Mursib, Universiti Tecknologi Malaysia
Mr. Ismail Bin Ros, IRC Architect
Mr. Loh Yun Loong, CNC Architect


Seminar attendants at PAM JB office


Peter handing out souvenir to PAM Southern Chapter Chairman Ar Hajjah Nor Aini bt Juffery

Lucky draw with Peter and PAM Southrn Chapter
Deputy Chairman
Ar Azman Bilaji

One of our lucky draw winners


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