Big Benefits To Owners And Environment

When properly installed and maintained, cool metal roofs provide numerous benefits that contribute to the health of a community, to the occupants of the building and to the owner's pocket book.

Among the benefits to the building occupants and owner are:

        Improved comfort because the building's interior is subject to less
          thermal flux and stays cooler during the warm season.

     •    Reduced energy costs because of reduced air-conditioning.

     •    Longer AC unit life resulting from decreased air-conditioning loads.

     •    Increased roof longevity due to reduced thermal flux.

Cool metal roofs are distinguished among energy conservation measures because of the many environmental benefits they can provide. This is attributed to the fact that they combat the urban heat island effect. The urban heat island effect is a relatively newly identified phenomenon that is characterized by a measured increase in the ambient air temperature in cities over their surrounding rural areas. This is due to roofs and other non-reflective surfaces that absorb and trap solar radiation or heat. The excess trapped heat is gradually released to the ambient air throughout the day, evening and night-time hours, warming up the urban core round the clock. The effect results in an environmentally negative and spiralling impact, including:

     •    Increased demand for air-conditioning in both air-conditioned and 
          un-conditioned buildings, thus increasing the potential for the
          installation of air-conditioners in buildings that currently don't need

     •    Increased greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global
          warming, released as a result of fossil fuel generated electricity to
          power air conditioners.

     •    Increased smog formation as a result of higher urban temperature.

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