Cool Metal Roof Videos

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Here are some video clips containing information on cool roofs. Please bookmark and re-visit this webpage as we continue to update videos related to cool metal roofs. Should you need any further information, please feel free to contact us.  

Energy 101: Cool Roofs
This video clip by U.S Department of Energy takes a look at how switching to a cool roof can save you money and benefit the environment.

Cool Roofs
A video clip by the European Cool Roofs Council to promote the use of cool roof products in Europe.

Hot Technology Cool Science
Hashem Akbari: Cool roofs can reduce home energy costs and help mitigate urban heat islands and global warming.

Cool Roofs could save money, save planet
Scientists have known for some time that cities absorb more heat from the sun than rural areas. They also wonder how do to reduce that. California is taking the lead in the drive to discover ways to cool cities.